Instructions for use Macho Man


Macho Man in the form of a spray that is exciting the medium, the effect of which is visible immediately. It is not necessary to drink weeks, enough to buy in advance and apply before you have sexual relations in the member. Spray starts to work immediately after contact with the skin. The maximum effect reached in about 10 minutes, without losing for 2-3 hours.

The algorithm of use designed by the manufacturer. It is very simple and requires no special skills.

  1. Prepare yourself in the process. Should be washed before the application, and not after. For women spray sure.
  2. 10 minutes before the start of sexual relations, apply the medication with 3-4 drops in the spray cap. You can do this immediately, as you lay down and spend 10 minutes in the prelude. Partner evaluated.
  3. The action of the tool lasts for 2 to 3 hours. Depends on your метоболизма.
  4. The use does not have time limitations. You can apply every day. Several times a day is not recommended either sex is a great burden on the body.

Indications Macho Man

Apply Macho Man it is recommended, if you have bad sex for the following reasons:

  • Natural of the violation after diseases of the genitourinary system. The disease should be cured.
  • The elevator is, but it is short.
  • Reduced sensitivity of the penis.
  • You do not have the desire to have sex, but to satisfy a woman or girl is necessary.

The contraindications for spraying Macho Man

Spray Macho Man it is completely safe. It is not prescribed, so you do not have contraindications. The only limitation of the doctors: it is not desirable to regulate the use of a medication, if there are problems and what you want is simply a safe just in case. If something goes wrong, the spray you can always apply in the process. You also cannot use those with intolerance of the individual components.

The results of the application of the Macho Man

The use of Macho Man quickly allows you to ensure its robust lift in a couple of hours. A regular application of revitalizes the body, improves potency, relieves some of the symptoms of the neuroses and depressive disorders. The spray is not prescribed.

It is important that the tool does not call the function, because it acts topically. The spray is a product, it is completely safe. The side effects have not been detected.