The manufacture of the vacuum pump with your hands

Air pump is a pump creates a vacuum. It has enormous suction force, and is created by pumping air or other substances of a closed-circuit capacity. What good is this type of device, what are the principles of its operation, types and features, such as building a device in their hands, — all these questions it is necessary to study.

The type of instruments they are and where they are used

vacuum pump

In the world of today, people very often find themselves with a void in the house of life. These devices are applied in the braking of the vehicle, and air-conditioning systems. There are appliance to pump the air out of the food containers or large objects.

The accessories are applied in different sectors of the industry:

  • Textile;
  • Food;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • The medicine;
  • Oil and gas;
  • Chemistry;
  • Electric;
  • Metallurgy;
  • Agriculture;
  • Of the construction.

There is even a pump for women and men, increase the flow of blood to the different organs. Vacuum devices are used almost everywhere, so its design is different. The main types of such devices are quite varied. Liquid ring designed before all others, and is currently in use.

For that device you need constant flow of water and electricity.

The vacuum in the chamber is generated by the rotation of a mechanism, immersed in the liquid. Plate cam are the most popular in the manufacture. Are used for small closed systems. Plate of a rotor of the pump is basically made up of 2 chambers. When the work of the rotor of air from one module is moved to another. These pumps are of 2 types, oil and oil free.

Manual creation of a device of the syringe

This manual mini-pump is very accessible, and seamless to meet any person.

To make the device of the syringe, you should prepare:

  • Hospital of the syringe, preferably more;
  • T;
  • The tube, the same diameter as the holder, and the syringe;
  • 2 retracement of the valve.

First, a flexible plastic tube is cut into 3 parts and attaches to the tee. To hold the tube of the syringe, and the other two – aquarium valves.

You can use the aquarium valves of the same diameter as the tube.

A valve is inserted in the air suction, the other in the edition. When the movement of the plunger in the syringe of the capacity of the pumped air. In the same way, you can decant the water from a container into the second.

The car kit accessory pump

By itself the pump of appliances in the home is made of an ordinary car, or bike pump. The work consists of 4 successive stages. To know:

  1. He examines the device, and removed the cuff.
  2. The cuff is flipped to the other side and screwed again.
  3. The pump tube is installed the valve.
  4. At the free end of the valve is carried by the tube or the hose of a resistant material.

The essence of the remodeling consists in that changes the direction of the race: pressing the lever decreases the volume of the chamber, and the air escapes through an inverted cuff.

When lifting the arm, the camera creates a vacuum.

This makeshift instrument it can be useful at home, for example, the extraction air of covers for the storage of pillows and bulky items without the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Of different compressors

For the disposal of large quantities can produce a pump with electric motor. It is not possible that the tank contained a liquid, otherwise, the water vapor that quickly will show the device out of service. For the compressor was not broken, in the system added hardware to dehumidify the air.

The manufacture of the pump by a compressor is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Remove the filter from the compressor.
  2. To the compressor inlet joins the tube to remove the air.
  3. Turn on the device.

Vacuum pump of your hands, you can create with the refrigerator is broken or the air conditioning. The fabrication procedure is simple and goes through several stages. The sawtooth is clipped to the top. Take the motor out of the housing. In the copper tube is placed a tube and is attached to a small deposit.

The upper part of the compressor is to be replaced by a new, smaller diameter. The cover is made with a soldering iron copper yellow of the sheet. Makes the clothes on the linoleum for the acoustic insulation.

The pump includes a tube level measurement for the control of level of oil (can be done in the case of the normal handle). To suction the lining is attached to the air filter, you can use the car. Between the nozzle and the filter is mounted on the pressure relief system excessive. Is included in the network.

How to make a vacuum pump

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Liquid ring vacuum pump creates a very powerful vacuum and is widely applied for agricultural machinery. The work is done by the immersion of the mechanism of rotation in the liquid.

Regardless of modify aquarium compressor is not difficult to do, design, just with a little modify:

  1. With the help of a screwdriver unscrew fastening of the housing.
  2. You know the site, and remove the check valves.
  3. The valves are switched, and the device goes back.
  4. The tube is attached to the vacuum of the sphere. To remove the moisture in the body performs a small faq.
  5. Establishing a system for the gas outlet tube of the right size.

Assembly of a pump occurs in several stages. Within the round drum is placed a shovel mechanism. Is set so as to not be in contact with the own body. The drum is partially filled with water.

The impeller with the help of the motor begins to rotate, and the liquid under the action of the centrifugal force fills the pump.

The input of water is carried out of the fuel hose. Puller removes the bearing. For the helmet, in the plate put the asparagus. When you tighten the nut by pressing the plate on the shaft.

The nuances of the manufacture of the pump with their hands

The main advantages of the membrane-pump piston in its universality and the absence of noise. The vacuum is injected under the influence of the piston. Drives vacuum devices created for the account of 2 of the main pieces of a mechanism of "the claw", by turning in relationship with others.

These pumps it is not necessary to grease, and are therefore of low productivity and require the replacement of the spare parts.

The vacuum pumps can be done only with the help of a medical syringe, auto - or of the electric pump of the compressor, refrigerator compressor, compressor for aquarium. To select an option to begin with is to define, where and why you are going to use.

The pump consists of several parts:

  1. Plastic of the bulb with a sealing lip, in which is inserted the stem.
  2. The mechanism that is going to create a vacuum by pumping air.
  3. Rubber tube that connects the pump with the bulb.

The stem is inserted inside the bulb, evacuating the air, and a vacuum is created. This leads to better care air. For your release is pressed a special valve air or released from the aperture, closed with the finger.

In shops there are options of the pump from different models. But this pump can easily make more realistic materials. Is bulb size you want (you can make the pastry syringe or plastic bottle), are made by the 2 of the opening. To an opening in the sealant or adhesive is attached to the tube (silicone, rubber or a dropper). In the second opening in the fixed seal that ensures the seal and allows not injured. With the help of sealant to the transition pipe is connected with the pump.

If necessary, the use of the vacuum pump, you can save a lot of money, picking up this unit yourself. However, in its creation will be a lot of time and effort. For the manufacture of devices of their hands, sometimes it is enough to use already available the starting material. What type will be chosen, directly depend on the complexity of the work and modes of use of the apparatus.