As enlarge the penis at home correctly

As to enlarge penis at home? Question about the sufficient sizes of the authority for the stronger sex was always with acuity. Some do not have any explicit problem, try to increase the dick in all possible ways, although it is absolutely not necessary. The woman to achieve orgasm you do not need a large penis size. But there is a category of men that really is necessary the correction of the authority. There are many techniques that help to enlarge penis at home. Today we will talk about the most effective to actually change the configuration of a member both in length and in thickness.

the increase of member of the

Before you start any methodology, it is best to do the measurements of your dignity. Maybe you have an average penis, it's not worth keeping the pace of the workouts, extrusions or resort to the radical methods of change of the magnitude of the operation.

Surgeons it has been shown that the member in erection can be from 10-15 to see Everything that above or below – the small penis or large size, respectively. As the saying goes, luck, and some don't. But the problem of the small authority you can decide for yourself.

The methodology

Enlarge penis at home is only possible if the man has no obvious problems with authority. No acute pathology associated with sexually transmitted diseases or tumors. Before you begin any augmentation procedure, it is necessary to get rid of the symptomatic of diseases.

Methods of correction of the penis of the house:

  1. Vacuum of the water pump;
  2. Extender;
  3. Jelcing, exercise;
  4. Ointments, creams, gels, and aerosols;
  5. The essential drugs;
  6. The stretch with the help of goods.

The vacuum pump

Thanks to that the device which is of multiple types, results can be obtained within a month after a journal of your application. Actually increase, not only in the diameter and the length.

In addition, the device has many advantages. Help to solve a number of men of the problems associated with the gender of the sphere. Water pump has the appearance of the bulb of the pump with a bulb of air, adds compression programmatic way of rings to buy, it is necessary hermetic).

Principle of operation:

  • The phallus is inserted into the cylinder (the pump is manual, mechanical);
  • The air is removed with the help of a pump, erection occurs;
  • The ring of thrust-to-pubis, and a jar of both shoot;
  • Hold to 8 minutes, then remove the;
  • Repeat 2 times a day, every day.

Before any methodology for the male enhancement of the dignity of the worth of the initial measurement. Control not before a month.


  • Helps to eliminate the stagnation of the processes in the pelvis when irregular sexual intercourse and sedentary work;
  • Eliminates the impotence;
  • The growth of the male organ up to 4 cm;
  • Diversify the intimacy;
  • Masturbation.


As you increase the size with the help of the device? Thanks to him you can get 1 month and up to 0.5 cm, if used daily. The principle of operation is the stretching of the cells of epithelial tissues.

That, in turn, under the load of the extender have the property to grow and fill in the gaps that have formed in the place of stretching. The method is similar to the one used in the surgery, so that the growth of the authority is guaranteed.


  • A penis in length and in width;
  • The correction of deformities and defects of the penis in the home.

The results after using for 4-5 months:

  • Up to 5 cm in the excited state;
  • Up to 3.5 cm in the tranquility of the penis;
  • In the volume of up to 1.5 see

In the first month it is recommended to install the device before the 10 hours, respectively, this is done in the evening. All the days that you can get impressive results already several months, the modified values remain for a lifetime.

Jelcing and correct the exercises

If you apply this methodology, this increases the sex organ gradually, without causing any damage, and is less traumatic.

Because you have to control the entire process with the help of the hands, and in a timely manner to stop exercises in the case of discomfort.

The principle of operation is based on the tide of blood to the genitals and traction to the cells of the penis. If applied daily 1-2 times a day, to achieve the result can be a month.

Before the occupation, and the beginning of the exercises of the penalty carefully prepared and heat of the phallus. This is possible with the help of warm bags, hot water, common salt in the wear or towels with hot water.


The important thing is not to avoid the burns, the control of the temperature and sensations. To improve the process and the effectiveness of the classes, you can apply special creams or gels for the increase of the authority. This will help you to quickly change the appearance of dignity.

The Exercise Jelcing"

  1. Apply the cream on the sexual organ;
  2. The massage, bring it to the light erection;
  3. Bend since the thumb and forefinger of a ring;
  4. Not the compression, but it is quite stretchy circle passes through the entire length of the member, without reaching to the head;
  5. Making movements so as not to cause a strong discomfort and pain;
  6. Repeats "a ring" in all the length of up to 40 times;
  7. Increase each class is 10 units;
  8. At the end of 1 month must be performed prior to 300-350 per session.

Making these parts of the movement, after 30 days, you will notice a remarkable increase in centimeters.

The stretch with the help of goods

It is the oldest and best of the methodology for the penis enlargement. Modern analog – to- extender.

Therefore, if you do not wish to purchase the device, you can use the stretch marks and make more, using the means at their disposal. Some men baklazhki with the water applied as weighting.

Only here we must be careful. The technique in case of a bad approach quite dangerous and painful for the authority.

It consists in hanging the load from 10 to 15 minutes, in the initial phases, more – more (but not more than 20). Under the weight of penis lengthens and the effects can be observed already at 1 month.

Perform with care, with care and without sudden movements. The penis must be erect. At the base of the head of a member wrapped completely elastic bandage or handkerchief, try not to recommend to the authority, it is necessary to tighten the skin of a member.

In special shops to buy the hose clamp, and which is hung the load. Make sure to watch the video of the lesson, do not use the load, and to dominate the band and the clamp.

When the load is applied, each week weighting of them, be sure of sensations, in the case of the court of pain the procedure. Additional kg are frequently included sporting goods – discs and dumbbells.

And if that is not in the house, as we said earlier, a bottle of water. The first classes begin with a 5 minute, increasing every time 1.

The maximum time for the load – not more than 20. More time standing, can't stand the pressure of starting cells die, and so on, until near the necrosis.

The basic rules of stretch marks

  • No erection, before and during charge;
  • Squeeze out a drop of blood from the penis before hanging up;
  • The burden of maintaining until you feel a mild discomfort. Pain, burning sensation and pain is a hotel;
  • The change in color, darkening and blue member of the standard, until the end of the course of the increase
  • The drastic increase of weight will lead to thrombosis, but not of growth, everything should be gradual;
  • The lack of movements, circulations, etc, Stand in the same place;
  • Beginners is not recommended, it is necessary to practice after exercise jelqing;
  • The first load should not exceed 200 grams